Labyrinth Dance Sequence

I was kind of hesitant at first to watch the 1986 fantasy classic movie “Labyrinth” because all of the movie previews made it look like it was for girls. For real! Check out the movie trailer in this post if ya don’t believe me. But I was so wrong.

Labyrinth Newspaper Ad from 1986

Labyrinth, at it’s core, is about taking things for granted. Sarah is a teen that thinks everything in life is just falling down around her because she has to babysit her toddler brother for a night. Her brother is kidnapped by the Goblin King, Jareth, and he gives her a certain amount of time to make it through an enchanted labyrinth and save her little brother. Along the way she finds friends brought to life by Jim Henson and his team. Hey, all I know is – if you think it’s a chick flick, you may want to reconsider when they reach the Bog of Eternal Stench. Anyway, enjoy Labyrinth in HD and it’s trailer too.

Labyrinth – Original Theatrical Trailer
Labyrinth – 1986

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