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The first time I watched “Scrooged” was actually pretty cool. My parents had rented the movie the day it was released on VHS back in 1989 and I snuck down stairs before school and watched it. I laughed so hard. The movie is a Christmas classic, at least it is around here. We watch it every Christmas.

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In Scrooged Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross, a sleazy Television executive, that only has eyes for moving up the corporate ladder and becoming boss of the whole station. He is visited by four ghosts that warn him to change his ways or he will die alone. The ghosts are very interesting as they don’t fall into “A Christmas Carol‘s” cliché glowing angel-like entity embodiment. They are more like today’s version of what a ghost, warning Frank about past, present and future, would be like. The gags are all there… I mean it is a Bill Murray movie after all. Here is the theatrical trailer and the full feature in HD. Enjoy!

Scrooged – Original Theatrical Trailer
Scrooged – 1988

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