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Yes, I did see Santa Claus The Movie in theaters and yes, it changed my outlook on Santa Claus. He wasn’t some jolly fat guy in a red coat. He was a toy maker that already had it in his heart to give the toys as gifts at Christmas time to children. He was chosen by elves and elders for his talent as a toy maker and his capacity to love all the children of the world. The movie really came to life for me when it hit home video for the first time. My parents actually invested in something that Christmas. It was a Sharp VHS Tape Player and Recorder and a copy of… you guessed it, Santa Claus: The Movie.

The movie premise is quite simple. Santa Claus is chosen and starts giving gifts to the nice kids around the world throughout the centuries. It fast-forwards to present time in New York and a nasty toy maker that tries to take over Christmas with the help of Santa’s lead elf. I’m not going to give the ending away. Watch this Holiday treat for yourself right here in HD! Enjoy!

Santa Claus: The Movie – 1985

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