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What can I say – “A Christmas Story” brings back awesome memories and bad ones too. I was a youngling when the movie was first released in 1983. I didn’t become aware of the Christmassy goodness this movie offered until a couple of years later when my parents put it on the T.V. really loud to drown out the fighting between them. I concentrated on the movie so hard so that I didn’t have to hear them and I became enthralled in the story of Ralphie.

The movie “A Christmas Story” is about a little boy, named Ralphie, that goes through Hell to get the Christmas gift from Santa Clause (or his parents) that he really wants… a Red Ryder BB Gun. His parents and teacher tell him “no” cause he’ll “shoot his eye out”. The great thing about this movie is that it takes place in the 1940s, before T.V. and working furnaces. Don’t worry, you’ll see. Here is the film as well as the original theatrical trailer in full screen presentation. Enjoy!

A Christmas Story – Original Theatrical Trailer
A Christmas Story – 1983

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