Adventures in Babysitting Group Pic

Adventures in Babysitting was crafted in true Chris Columbus fashion. The movie stands up to the test of time. Basically, Babysitting can be dangerous. Take it from me… I know! This film features the beautiful Elisabeth Shue in an amazing adventure downtown babysitting a bunch of kids. Here’s the movie in HD. Enjoy!

Adventures in Babysitting – 1987

Movie Trivia

  • This movie was Chris Columbus’s directorial debut.
  • Kathleen Turner was the first choice for the lead role.
  • The film was rebooted as a Disney Channel Original Movie in 2016 staring Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson in the leading roles.
  • In both this film, and in Back to the Future Part II, Elisabeth Shue faints and says the line, “I had the worst nightmare!”

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