80s Movies

Remembering Santa Claus: The Movie

Yes, I did see Santa Claus The Movie in theaters and yes, it changed my outlook on Santa Claus. He wasn’t some jolly fat guy in a red coat. He was a toy maker that already had it in his heart to give the toys as gifts at Christmas time to children. He was chosen by elves and elders for his talent as a toy maker and his capacity to love all the children of the world. The movie really came to life for me when it hit home video for the first time. My parents actually invested in something that Christmas. It was a Sharp VHS Tape Player and Recorder and a copy of… you guessed it, Santa Claus: The Movie.

80s T.V. Cool Stuff

It’s A Claymation Christmas Celebration

From the first time it aired on CBS in December of 1987 – Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas Celebration was an instant classic. The trouble is that since it’s last airing it’s been kinda hard to come by. This Christmas Special doesn’t get any airplay on Television and the streaming services don’t offer it to watch either. It’s almost like the show was forgotten. Not to this 80s buff though.