’80s Flashbacks

’80s Music Video Playlist

I will continue to add new music videos as they become available in HD.

’80s Commercials

These commercials that aired in the 1980s were uploaded by 80s Commercial Vault on YouTube.

’80s Retro MegaMixes

The ’80s Retro Medley – Mixed by Ultimix
The ’80s Retro Medley: Part 2 – Mixed by Ultimix

7 replies on “’80s Flashbacks”

I am hooked on you iam also listening to tulsa totally awsome 80s but you’re station is very very different from them you donot have Casey s count down on every sundays or whenever it goes on I see that you have a more variety and bigger and better selection of more music then they do so I can say that you make me alive again with totally awsome memories of the 80s that is so radical .I was that we can always go back in the 80s and stay in the 80s

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