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Top 10 80s Summer Songs

Summer songs never sounded as good as they did in the 1980's. We've narrowed the hefty list of '80s summer songs down to ten HOT tracks.

The Top 10 80s Summer Songs

10. CRUEL SUMMER (1983) - Bananarama

9. SUMMER OF '69 (1985) - Bryan Adams

8. HOT IN THE CITY (1982) - Billy Idol

7. HOT, HOT, HOT (1987) - Buster Poindexter

6. VACATION (1982) - The Go-Go's

5. SOME LIKE IT HOT (1985) - The Power Station

4. THE TIDE IS HIGH (1980) - Blondie

3. LOVE SHACK (1989) - The B-52's

2. THE BOYS OF SUMMER (1984) - Don Henley

Drumroll please...

1. KOKOMO (1988) - The Beach Boys

And there you have it. The top ten summer songs of the '80s. Did we miss one? Do you have a summer story about one of these tracks? Ah, memories. We'd love to hear about it - so make sure to comment below!

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